WTF: See Sexy 'Frozen' Costumes Inspired By Anna, Elsa, And Yes, Olaf

At this point, mocking sexy adult costumes is just as much a Halloween tradition as trick-or-treating or petty vandalism. But even by the usual ridiculous standards, these Frozen-inspired outfits take the cake. See the sexy Frozen costumes — including tarted-up versions of Elsa, Anna, and yes, even Olaf — after the jump.

For legal reasons, these aren't technically Elsa, Anna, and Olaf costumes, but "Blue Dress" / "Blue Maiden," "Norwegian Maiden," and "Funny Snowman" costumes, respectively.

To be sure, there's nothing wrong with sexy Halloween costumes per se. People wear all sorts of weird crap on October 31; cheap lingerie is really the least of it. It's just that Halloween has an off-putting habit of trying to stick Victoria's Secret-style sultriness where it doesn't belong. Like in a Disney movie aimed at young children.

But, fine. It could be worse. Honestly, the Anna outfit is downright modest for a women's Halloween costume in 2014. It's skintight, but the neckline is high and the hemline is (relatively) low. Even the sleeves are long, albeit sheer.

And come to think of it, the Elsa costumes aren't really that scandalous either. They're more or less similar to Elsa's actual dress in the movie, but with a bit more leg. You still couldn't get away with wearing these outfits in public any other day of the year, but that's because they're freaking hideous, not because they're too "sexy."

No, what pushes this enterprise into WTF territory is that Yandy saved the skimpiest look of all for Olaf, of all characters. The movie version of Olaf is a round goofball voiced with childlike naivete by Josh Gad. The Yandy version of Olaf is a smoking-hot model in a leotard, thigh-high stockings, and a bizarre fake carrot nose.

Just think: The existence of this costume means that someone, somewhere, at some point, watched the movie Frozen and thought to themselves that what the world needed right now was a more fuckable version of Olaf.

Sadly for snowman fetishists, Yandy has since pulled the Frozen-inspired costumes from their website. It's possible that they were brought to their senses by jeering Internet denizens, but more likely that they were afraid the attention might draw the attention of Disney's lawyers.

Meanwhile, if you're really determined to strike out this Halloween in an R-rated costume based on a PG-rated property, Yandy is still selling a Sexy Nemo costume. And a Sexy Minion costume. And a Sexy Pluto costume. And a Sexy Barney costume. And so on.