See How Bryan Singer Brought Quicksilver To The Screen In 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

X-Men: Days of Future Past featured old man Wolverine, Sentinel attacks, and a couple of giant battles featuring coordinated X-Men attacks — the sort of stuff we've been wanting from an X-Men film for a long time. And still, the best part of the movie was the one we all underestimated. Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters, looked pretty uninspired when we saw mere costume photos. But Peters nailed this version of the character, and his big action sequence is a standout not just in this film, but in the 2014 summer lineup.

Now, a behind the scenes video shows how some of the Quicksilver effects were achieved. More of it was done in-camera than people might realize, and so this is a treat to watch. (Germain mentioned this in Superhero Bits yesterday, but we figured that might not show it off to enough people.) 

I want even more footage and detail than we get in this video — hopefully the Blu-ray will give us more. This is a great starting point to see how one of the signature Quicksilver shots was created.

Quicksilver Days of Future Past

There's also this short video from IGN which, frankly, does little more than recap what you've already seen in the film.

Finally, here's a super-cheesy Instagram video promoting the film, also featuring Quicksilver.