Batman's Parents Die Over And Over In New Supercut, Plus: Watch 50 Years Of Batman Music Evolution

Batman's suits, vehicles, and love interests may differ from telling to telling, but one aspect that pretty much always remains constant is the horrific murder of his parents. It's such an important part of the Batman mythos, in fact, that we've seen it in almost every TV or movie adaptation. And now you can watch all of those Thomas and Martha death scenes at once in a brutal new supercut.

Meanwhile, one thing that has changed drastically over the years is Batman's theme song, from the "nana nana nana nana BATMAN" jingle of the 1960s series to the epic, sweeping Hans Zimmer score from the Dark Knight films. Two guys on cello and piano have now stitched them all together into a single seamless performance — complete with three generations of Batmobiles as set decoration.

Watch the Batman parent death supercut and the Batman score evolution performance after the jump.

Let's start with the sad part. Everyone in the universe knows by now that rich kid Bruce Wayne's transformation into rich vigilante Batman began on the fateful night his parents were killed right in front of him in a dark alleyway. Yet shows and movies feel compelled to remind us every time, including, most recently, the first episode of Fox's Gotham. So Vulture mashed them all together in a two-minute video.

And now that we've mourned Thomas and Wayne nine times over, let's move on to the happier stuff. The Piano Guys' Batman theme song medley is an entertaining listen in and of itself, but what makes this video a must-see is the ingenious set decoration. Each section of the performance plays out in a set done up to match the Batman movie or TV series of the era, and it all concludes with a stunning shot of the three Batmobiles together.