Watch: 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Legacy Video And Never Before Seen Episodes

Star Wars fans who want to be in the know have a lot of work to do before Episode VII. Of course there's Star Wars Rebels, which is released online Friday, and which starts a whole new chapter in the Star Wars canon. Many of us also have to catch up on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the six-season cartoon that tells the official story of the legendary battle between the Galactic Senate, Jedi Order and Clone Troopers versus the Separatists, Sith and Trade Federations.

A new video on tells us about the legacy of the The Clone Wars and also reveal three new stories that are still coming from that era in history. There's a new Darth Maul comic book coming, a new Asajj Ventress novel and a never-finished arc of The Clone Wars called Crystal Crisis on Utapau. In fact, you can watch that third one right now. Below, check out both Star Wars Clone Wars videos.

First up, here's The Star Wars Clone Wars Legacy video. Beware, if you haven't watched Clone Wars all the way through, there are some spoilers in here.

Star Wars Clone Wars Legacy

And here's the intro to Crystal Crisis on Utapau, four episode arc in story reel format as discussed above. First up, the introduction video:

Crystal Crisis on Utapau Story Reel Introduction on Star Wars Video

And here's first episode of the four arc series. You can watch the rest here.

Again, this is an episode that was aimed to air later in the series so there are some significant events that have taken place before this. Major spoilers and revelations in here.

Star Wars Clone Wars: Crystal Crisis on Utapau

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Story Reel: A Death on Utapau on Star Wars Video(Note: both embed seems to be down intermittently Click the links below to see the videos.)

There's a bunch of other new Star Wars Clone Wars content on the site too. Just visit this link to see concept art and more.

So that's pretty cool, no? just dropped an official, canon Star Wars Clone Wars story onto their website. To be honest, I didn't watch it as I'm still in the middle of catching up on The Clone Wars, but I appreciate the effort. What did you guys think?