LOL: Kate Mara And Ellen Page Are 'Tiny Detectives' In 'True Detective' Spoof

As True Detective zeroes in on a female lead, Funny or Die is here to show HBO what they could do with two female leads. Specifically, two extremely small female leads played by Kate Mara and Ellen Page.

In the True Detective parody Tiny Detectives, Mara and Page prove to be every bit as tough, determined, and grizzled as Rust Cohle and Marty Hart ever were. But they face all sorts of challenges that Cohle and Hart never had to, because they're just so damn short. Watch Tiny Detectives after the jump.

Yeah, it's an incredibly silly premise, but it works. Partly because Funny or Die wisely limits the video to under two minutes. The joke runs its course before it gets run into the ground. But also because Mara and Page would make for a really good True Detective duo, and if this is the closest we're ever gonna get to a Mara / Page season we're gonna take it, goddamnit.

Not to mention the video actually does a pretty good job of capturing the unique challenges of being short. I'm about Mara's height (5'2") and that scene where she and Page fail to see the new Yellow King because they happen to be sitting behind a tall guy illustrates exactly why I hate movie theaters without stadium seating. But hey, on the bright side, if one of the Tiny Detectives' cases ever involves flying out of state, they're gonna have so much legroom.

Meanwhile, the real True Detective is on track for a very exciting Season 2. Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are locked in for two leads and Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are closing in on two others. Justin Lin is among those directing. We're counting down the days until the anthology drama series returns to HBO in 2015.