After Years Of Saying "No," Keanu Reeves Now Game For 'Speed 3'

I haven't seen John Wick yet, but everything I've heard says it's Keanu Reeves once again embracing his inner badass. We're talking The Matrix Reeves, Point Break Reeves and, of course, Speed Reeves. The 1994 action hit, directed by Jan De Bont, was one of the first post Die Hard action films to get everything right. A bus is driving on the highway and, if it goes below 50 mph, it explodes. Reeves played Jack Traven, the cop trying to stop the bus, which also happened to include eventual Oscar-winner, Sandra Bullock.

Made for only $30 million, Speed grossed $350 worldwide and famously spawned a sequel, Speed 2: Cruise Control. The main difference this time, besides swapping a bus for a boat, was Reeves decided not to come back. He was replaced by Jason Patric and the magic was gone. Speed 2 sank, grossing less than half of the original, and killing the franchise.

Decades passed with Reeves constantly telling journalists he would not do another Speed movie. But, in a new interview the actor admitted – after years of saying "No" – he'd be game for Speed 3. Read more about Keanu Reeves Speed 3 below.

The Keanu Reeves Speed 3 news came from an interview with Nerdist. Here's the full video. The quote itself comes at 52 seconds.

Here's what he said:

Oh my god, Speed 3: Redemption. Sure. Jack Traven kind of like, dusting it off.

Now, if you watch the interview itself, Reeves' tone and delivery clearly suggests he's playing around. There's certainly nothing in place and, as early as last year, he said he didn't think Speed 3 would happen. It's a film that he's been getting asked about now for decades and he's always said "No." Which is why this is surprising. I'm not sure I take the affirmative answer that seriously, but he said it and it's our job to tell you what he said. He could have easily said "No" again.

The bigger issue at this point wouldn't be Reeves, though. It would be Bullock, one of – if not the – most bankable actresses working in Hollywood today. A Speed 3 script would have to be pretty damn good for her to agree.

Do you think a Keanu Reeves Speed 3 will ever happen?