Star Wars Episode 7: Close-Up Set Photos And Did JJ Abrams Order A DroneShield?

Over the last week, we've seen a bunch of ariel photos of the Star Wars Episode VII captured from Greenham Common set whilst filming the GAMA bunkers. The photos have shown a few X-Wing including a black-colored model, as well as the Millennium Falcon which JJ Abrams later released an official video of. We've also seen photos of some of the actors in costume, including a possible reveal of Adam Driver's role in the movie. Now some new set photos have appeared online, giving us a much much closer view of the props and sets. Also word has come out that the production may have ordered a "DroneShield" to try to prevent these kind of photo leaks.

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You can see the photos on

Motherboard has found an order form that shows Pinewood Studios ordered a "DroneShield," a product that can "provide advanced warning of helicopters and drones commonly used by paparazzi and media." The device sends alerts by email or SMS which can "be linked to alarm and security response teams and data collected is preserved for subsequent legal proceedings."

Of course, the set photos we're seeing this week are from Greenham Common and not Pinewood Studios, but that doesn't matter because Pinewood was never able to get the DroneShield as the company is not yet able to ship the device overseas. Of course, the only people confirming this is the company that produces the unit, and this story is giving them publicity, so who knows if this is true or not.

But if JJ Abrams and crew were able to get their hands on such a device, it would be easy for them to say, send actors out in costumes to possibly confuse the leaked reports. Now, would JJ Abrams go through that kind of trouble to keep the mystery?