LOL: 'Sesame Street' Takes On 'Star Wars'

There are about eighty million Star Wars parodies on the Internet, roughly five thousand of which we've featured here on /Film. But leave it to Sesame Street to come up with the sweetest of them all. And we do mean "sweetest" — this one is called "Star S'Mores" and takes place "a long time ago, in a cookies and milky way galaxy far, far away." Watch the Sesame Street Star Wars parody after the jump.

A long time ago in a cookies and milky way galaxy far, far away...Princess Parfaita was taken prisoner by the evil Galactic Empire and had to be saved by a group of unlikely heroes including the young Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo, and Chewie the Cookie.

I love everything about this, from the dessert-themed names to Grover's — sorry, Groda's — snippy comebacks ("When nine hundred years old you reach, look as cute you will not"). It does kind of spoil the ending Empire Strikes Back for kids who probably aren't old enough to have seen it yet, but that heartwarming father/son moment is totally worth it.

My favorite thing about it, though, is that the entire plot centers around Cookie Monster wanting to eat his friend. That's pretty messed up, if you think about it. Apparently Tom Hiddleston's lecture about delayed gratification did not take.

And it's not even the first time that's happened. In The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, Cookie Monster briefly considered consuming Pita (get it?) before deciding to snack on a clock instead. He's got to stop befriending his snacks, or one day the Sesame Street audience is going to get a really horrifying lesson about murder, guilt, and the American justice system.

Let's wrap up with another recent Sesame Street video, this one featuring musical guest Janelle Monae. It has nothing to do with Star Wars, but it's fun and it's Friday so who cares.