'Extraterrestrial' Trailer: Definitely Not An Airplane

Movie aliens fall into two distinct categories. There are the friendly ones — your Pauls, your Kal-Els, your E.T.s — and then there are the hostile ones. Unfortunately for the characters of Extraterrestrial, the otherworldly beings they encounter happen to belong to the latter.

Not that that's terribly surprising considering who's pulling the strings here. Extraterrestrial is the Vicious Brothers' follow-up to their 2011 indie horror Grave Encounters. Watch the first Extraterrestrial trailer after the jump.

This movie starts, of course, with a group of attractive young people heading to a cabin in the woods for a weekend getaway. (That's Bad Idea #1.) When a UFO crashes nearby, they set out to investigate. (That's Bad Idea #2.) They apparently wind up killing one of the creatures (Bad Idea #3). Chaos ensues when the aliens decide to retaliate.

Although the kids are shocked to learn aliens are real, and although most of the other people in the movie don't believe it either, a grizzled Vietnam vet (Michael Ironside) helpfully explains that the government has known about aliens since Roswell. We'd call him a conspiracy theorist except that his theories seem to be quite correct.

The film made its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this year to tepid reviews. Bloody Disgusting called it "frightless," while Indiewire declared it "an example of how not to make a horror film." Still, even the detractors had to admit the filmmakers had potential. "As a technical exercise in film production, Extraterrestrial is really quite strong," conceded The Film Stage. 

Extraterrestrial lands November 21. Though it's "by the Vicious Brothers," the Vicious Brothers are neither surnamed Vicious nor brothers. They're Colin Minihan, who directed, and Stuart Ortiz, who wrote the script with Minihan. The cast includes Brittany AllenFreddie StromaMelanie PapaliaJesse Moss, and Anja Savcic.