Star Wars Bits: Set Photos Reveal New X-Wing; Plus Simon Pegg, Luke Skywalker Spoilers And Football

Some very cool Star Wars Episode VII set photos have been taken, and some very interesting rumors and lots of cool trivia have all shown up online. Below, read about the following.

  • A new kind of X-Wing Fighter was spotted by drones flying over the Star Wars Episode VII set.
  • Photos of Star Wars extras, in costume, have been taken from a great distance.
  • Simon Pegg's daughter inspired J.J. Abrams and "saved Star Wars."
  • Hasbro has begun working on Episode VII toys.
  • Read how Marvel's success helped speed up Star Wars.
  • What is Daisy Ridley's character name in Star Wars Episode VII?
  • Star Wars is taking over Subway and your college football games.
  • Some intriguing new rumors about Luke Skywalker's story in Star Wars Episode VII.
  • [Note: There are some minor spoilers in these first bits. We'll note when it's safe to come back.]

    A few days after the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter were spotted by a man flying over the Star Wars Episode VII set, a new bunch of photos have been revealed. They show what appears to be a black X-Wing fighter. Latino Review posted the pics, here are just a few.

    And yes, that second photo (there are more at the above link) is of the Blue and Grey X-Wing J.J. Abrams revealed a few months back. It seems there are multiple X-Wings built for Star Wars Episode VII.

    Also, a few people took to Twitter to show images of extras in the film hanging around that above location. You can see them at this link over on JediNews.

    End minor spoilers.Simon Pegg's relationship with Star Wars is well documented. However, who knew that his daughter is credited on the set of Episode VII with "saving Star Wars?" In an interview on SiriusXM's Unmasked with Ron Bennington, Pegg told a story of how his daughter believed Yoda was real after watching Frank Oz's puppet in The Empire Strikes Back. He relayed that story to J.J. Abrams who then used it as an example for going so heavy on practical effects on set. Then, when Pegg visited the set, someone said "Hey, you're the guy whose daughter saved Star Wars!"

    You can read more of the story on The Interobang or listen to it here.

    Yakface noticed the below image in a new video posted by the Star Wars YouTube, there's a brief glimpse of a computer of a Hasbro employee. Here's the image. Looks like works has begun on Episode VII toys. (Yes, I know, work has likely been happening for a while, but this hint in an official video is pretty cool).Hasbro Episode VIIVariety has an article about how Disney is looking at the success of Marvel Studios for inspiration on how to deal with Star Wars. The full article is interesting, but here's the key quote from chief financial officer Jay Rasulo: "Do everything, but do it faster because we already know the route, and take it through the same channels." Which basically means, yes, they'll be building a larger world with each and every film, just at a quicker pace because they know the Marvel model works.

    A day after we saw what may be Daisy Ridley's costume in Episode VII, a logical question followed. If someone has seen concept art of the character, what was the name attached? Well, it seems everywhere you look, including people who have walked by the set, the name being used is Kira. That's also one of the names used in the original Star Wars casting calls, which leads us to believe it's still a placeholder. But, maybe not. Read more at Making Star Wars.

    Two kind of fun new promotions have now been revealed. Star Wars Rebels will be represented at Subway with some exclusive swag, and Star Wars in general has teamed up with dozens of major Universities to make apparel mixing their school teams with Star Wars. Here's a quick gallery. Read more about Subway here and the sports here.

    This tweet speaks for itself.

    And finally, we've saved the potentially major spoilers for last. Proceed with caution. If these are true they are major spoilers, but they are definitely still rumors.

    This is Infamous has posted some potential information about Luke Skywalker's whereabouts in Star Wars Episode VII. You can head there to read everything, but the synopsis is as follows. The site reports Luke has only been gone for 10 years when the film begins and, in those other 20, he was attempting to build up the Jedi Order. He's now "so powerful with his command of the Force that he can literally move mountains or bring down ships with merely a glance." However, that new power makes him sense a disturbance in the Force and because he doesn't want to go to the Dark Side, he goes into hiding on Dagobah, which is where our heroes eventually find him.

    Some of that lines up with what we've heard, a lot of it does not, so take it with a grain of salt. Read more at the link.