POTD: Ferris Bueller LEGO Diorama Recreates The "You Killed The Car" Scene

Sweden lego master-builder Etzel decided to recreate the famous "You killed the car" scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off in an incredible LEGO diorama. Etzel won a contest with this contribution on Swebrick's annual AFOL vs. AFOL contest, a Swedish lego forum where other members recreated scenes from 1980's movies or television series. Other submitted LEGO dioramas included Blade Runner, The Shining, Spaceballs, Blues Brothers and many other films. See more photos from this awesome Ferris Bueller LEGO diorama, after the jump.

Ferris Bueller LEGO Diorama Gallery

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Etzel jokes that he doesn't have more photos of the winning creation because the diorama wouldn't hold up. Here is a translated version of his comment:

It may be that the winning entry was pulled almost immediately after the shooting because the builder in question could not bear to set up a specific tree with associated car after it collapsed for the twentieth time

You can see the other submissions to the contest on Swebrick.se, here are a few that impressed us:

The Shining LEGO diorama

The Shining LEGO diorama

Blade Runner LEGO Diorama

Blade Runner LEGO Dioramas

Spaceballs LEGO diorama

Spaceballs LEGO diorama

found via: dangerousminds.net