Watch Rough Cut Of The 'Star Wars' Cantina Scene

The rough cut of the Star Wars cantina scene is a thing that crops up online every once in a while, thanks to it having been a part of the Star Wars: Behind the Magic CD-ROM release way back in 1998. This cut of the cantina scene features rough early audio and no music, but some of the dialogue is different, the performances are often very different, and there's a good bit of material that didn't make the final cut. So if you haven't seen the Star Wars cantina scene rough cut, watch below.

This is a great scene to watch if you're really familiar with the original, because in addition to some obvious big changes, you'll quickly be able to spot innumerable small nips and tucks. That's one of the nuts and bolts of film editing — making sure everything is shaped just so that the flow is right, and the key points get across. This rough cut gets the point across in a general fashion, even taking the early audio into account, but the final version is so much more clean, without losing its unique feel.

And, of course, Han shoots first. (And has a lady friend!)

In addition, there are some great pieces of early art to go with this, from Raiders of the Lost Tumblr.

[Dangerous Minds]