Star Wars Bits: 'Episode VII' Resumes Filming, Yoda Spinoff Film, GPS Stormtroopers And 'Rebels'

The Force is strong with the stars of Episode VII as the film has once again begun shooting, but that's not all that's happening in the world of Star Wars. Below, read about the following:

  • Star Wars Episode VII has begun filming once again.
  • Is Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta's Spin-Off Movie about Yoda?
  • Possible confirmation of that Episode VII Stormtrooper helmet.
  • Watch a video of the Star Wars Rebels timeline.
  • Executives hint that Star Wars characters are coming to Disney Infinity.
  • Dave Filoni discusses the use of music and creation of character in Star Wars Rebels.
  • Get a sneak peak at the Jakks Pacific toys for Star Wars Rebels.
  • Header Image by Deviant Artist Rabittooth. Just because.Entertainment Weekly confirmed that, finally, Star Wars Episode VII started shooting again this week. It's full steam ahead to December 18, 2015.

    We still don't know the subject of Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta's 2016 Star Wars spin-off movie, but a clue might have hit Twitter earlier this week.

    That's Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Warcraft, hanging at Lucasfilm with Edwards and Whitta. They gave him a Yoda Pop figure. Now, do they have Yoda Pop figures laying around because they are making a Yoda movie or did they give him an arbitrary character? I tend to think, if the movie was about Yoda, the one character they would NEVER give him is Yoda. So I'm going with that. They're making a movie about any character except Yoda. But, anything could happen.

    Remember that Episode VII Stormtrooper helmet posted a few weeks back? Well Star Wars 7 News reports the original image had some GPS coordinates attached to it, like many photos do. And guess where it was taken? Pinewood Studios. Now, that kind of information could surely be faked so I wouldn't say this is 100% definitive but it's a heck of a fake if it is that. Also, here's a cool fan rendition of the entire body.

    White shirt. Black vest. Looks like a Solo to me!

    It's a little childish, but this video explains where and how Star Wars Rebels fits into the larger Star Wars timeline in case you were unclear.

    undefined on Disney Video

    Disney's popular video game, Disney Infinity, is geting a Marvel upgrade later this Fall but in an interview with Newsarama, executives teased the next update wasn't exactly "far, far away," an obvious reference to Star Wars. You can bet Star Wars characters will be coming to Disney Infinity in 2015.

    Comic Book has a solid interview with Dave Filoni where he talks about the creation of Star Wars Rebels. The use of music, some of the tech, characters etc. It's a very fun read for anyone looking forward to the show.

    Again, this is a little cheesy, but the people at Jakks Pacific put together this video tour trying to uncovers looks at some of the toys for Star Wars Rebels. Thanks to JediNews for the heads up.

    We'll have more Star Wars Bits very soon.