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10 scenes that happen in EVERY 'found footage' movieThe ten best characters of the 2014 summer movie seasonZZ79605A14A Web Comic Illustrating Late Actor and Comedian Robin Williams' Colorful Life in the Form of a Video GameIt Doesn't Matter Whether Tony Soprano is Dead or Alive, and Stop Asking44 Things We Learned from the Out-of-Print 'Fisher King' CommentaryAdam Rabalais' Yippee Ki-Yay print

Adam Rabalais' Yippee Ki-Yay print

I Think Ghostbusters Ruined Movies For My Mom

Will We Ever Forgive George Lucas?Gollum 2D Art by Joi Joi

Gollum 2D Art by Joi Joi

No Investigation Will Be Made Into Doctor Who's "Lesbian Kiss" After a Whopping 6 People Complained

A Compilation Video of Celebrities in Commercials Before They Were FamousR.I.P. Stephen Lee, actor of Seinfeld and RoboCop 2The Walking Dead Season 5The Walking Dead Season 5 Round-Up: EW covers, plus new image and clip

This the greatest 'Star Trek' selfie ever taken

 Paddington Poster

Latest Paddington Poster And Image Online

Fox Developing Insomnia Drama 'NOD'`

12 of the Most Distracting Extras in Movie History

Thinkway Toys To Produce New Star Wars Toys In 2015


Disney Bound in vintage couture inspired dresses at Disneyland in November

Star Trek: The Compendium Blu-ray Review Lots of new, lots of nothing new.

RoboCop Brought to Life in This Custom Sculpture

Universal to Demolish 'Phantom of the Opera' Soundstage, But Preserve Silent Film's Set


Who ya gonna call? Respawnables updated with new 'Ghostbusters' content

Netflix Gets Into French Originals Business With 'Marseille'

2001 by Tracie Ching

2001 by Tracie Ching

Netflix asks FCC to stop Comcast/TWC merger citing 'serious' public harm

New Game Of Thrones VFX Reel Shows How The World Of Westeros Is Made

Darren Aronofsky Snags Woodstock Film Festival's Maverick AwardThe Shining by Nicole Gustafsson

The Shining by Nicole Gustafsson

Netflix's 'Marco Polo' Sets December Premiere Date

Watch the 'Friends' Reunion on 'Jimmy Kimmel' (VIDEO)

Telluride Film Festival to screen 'Birdman,' 'Rosewater,' 'Wild'

Cutenado t-shirt

Cutenado t-shirt

Analysts: 'Weak Slate,' Demanding Moviegoers Drove Summer Box Office to 8-Year LowZZ43D6E3EE

More GODZILLA & M.U.T.O. Concept Art

Academy Unveils 2014 Governors Awards Recipients

Trailers From Hell: Allan Arkush on THE TRIP

'The Blacklist' Comes to Netflix At $2 Million an Episode


Hot Topic Releases A Gorgeous Clothing Line For "The Book Of Life"

Paget Brewster Joins Amazon's Yoga-Themed Comedy Pilot Down Dog

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