Infographic: Marvel Vs. DC Movie Release Schedule

EricSmedbron created this fun infographic showing the superhero movies from Marvel vs. DC Comics, organized by release dates. Of course, the graphic groups all of the movies based on Marvel properties, not just Disney's Marvel Studios films, but they also correctly include a small color-coded label identifying the movie studio producing and distributing the film. The infographic is good for an at a glance look at our superhero cinematic future, but if you want to find out more information about all of these releases, including some speculation about the unannounced titles set on the schedule, please head on over to our Complete Guide To Superhero Movie Release Dates. Check out the full Marvel vs. DC movie release schedule infographic after the jump.

Marvel vs. DC Movie Release Schedule Infographic

Marvel vs. DC Movie Release Schedule

Again, if you want more information about the movies listed on this schedule infographic, or want to hear some speculation about which superheroes might be appearing in some of these untitled dates, please head on over to our Complete Guide To Superhero Movie Release Dates.