Are These Actual Photos Of 'Star Wars 7' Stormtroopers?

In Star Wars, you can mark the passing of time through Stormtroopers. Before the Empire existed, Stormtroopers weren't around. As war escalated, clones filled the role and fought for the Republic. Eventually, those white-suited soldiers began fighting for the Empire once the Republic fell. Then Ewoks used their heads as drums.

Which brings us to Star Wars Episode VII. We have very little idea exactly where there galaxy stands after the destruction of the second Death Star. All we know is that 30 years have passed. Much can happen in 30 years, and it seems whatever role the Stormtroopers now fill, they look different. A few photos hit the net earlier this week that may (or may not) show how the Star Wars 7 Stormtroopers look. Check out the pics below and discuss.

The Star Wars 7 Stormtroopers images originated at a site called Indie Revolver, via Making Star Wars. A huge thanks to both sites for the info.

And that last photo originated on the RPF and was added after the initial story. Hypothetically, that means it could have been made based on the first photos, or maybe it's actually from the set. Either way, it looks awesome, and pretty much in line with what artist Tom Hodges posted (then deleted) earlier this week as a Star Wars 7 stormtrooper.

Making Star Wars has reportedly confirmed via three different sources that these designs are legit. And one source, unconfirmed, says the greenish photo is of an "Incendiary Trooper" who has a flame thrower. That sounds a little out there but who knows. We know from Snowtroopers and Biker Scouts that Troopers can have different outfits for different tasks so it's definitely possible these designs aren't the main ones. Plus, Latino Review backs up almost all of this: legit Stormtroopers, flamethrowers, more troopers etc.

On the flip side, we know lots of design from this film is coming from original Ralph McQuarrie concept art. Here are some McQuarrie Stormtrooper concepts which look nothing like these:

Ralph McQuarrie StormTrooper concepts

Sometimes in cases like this, you can tell if these are real or not if Disney/Lucasfilm asks for them to be taken down. They haven't, but they also haven't done that in general with Star Wars Episode VII. Like a great poker player, they're not giving anything away via tells. Having these images taken down would be a huge tell.

So are these real? Are they not? They look like a more slick progression from the Episode VI troopers the Empire was using. Streamlined, sleeker, but if that's the case, why did that happen? That's what I want to know. If these are real, what has happened in the universe to make these Troopers necessary? And what are their allegiances? Of course, there have been rumors of one of the film's stars donning one of these outfits, but we'll keep it spoiler free for now.

What are your thoughts on the Star Wars 7 Stormtroopers?