'Twenty-Four By Thirty-Six' Trailer: The History Of Movie Posters Told In New Documentary

Late last year, we wrote about a poster documentary called Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six, directed by Kevin Burke. The film aims to trace the full history of the movie poster from its earliest conception, through the golden age of Hollywood, all the way up to the current craze of limited edition screen prints. Since we ran the story, Burke and his team have been traveling the country, shooting and editing the film and now a brand new trailer is online. We've got that below, as well as an exclusive quote from the director updating us on the status of the movie.

Here's the trailer for Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six via Crome Yellow.

After watching that, I emailed Burke to ask for an update. Here's what he sent back:

I'm really excited about where Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six is headed and how far it's come along – we're about 80% of the way through production and couldn't be happier with the way the story has come together. One of the most incredible things about documentary is that no matter how much you research, once you start rolling you will always learn something new and be treated to unanticipated perspectives. It's a really organic process that allows the film to drive itself in a way. In late October we're doing an Eastern US road trip over a span of 10 days where we'll be interviewing a ton of poster art world personalities – there are truly too many to name. We're hoping to hit the UK for a similar trip in December or January and that will wrap production. I've already begun cutting the film into a skeleton, knowing that changes will be made as new footage is gathered, but I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve so that we're on point to hit festivals in early 2015.
August 28th to 31st we'll be promoting the film in Toronto at our booth at Fan Expo Canada – it's like the Canadian SDCC. Our booth will be flanked on either side by Paul Ainsworth and Matt Tobin who created the awesome prints for our Kickstarter campaign. While there I'll also be co-moderating (with my fiancée and co-producer Andrea Butler) a panel/Q&A on horror art presented by Rue Morgue Magazine featuring Gary Pullin, Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative, Jason Edmiston, and a really talented artist named Andrew Wright. Any Canadian art fans should come by and see us!
That's incredibly encouraging and, as something as a poster fan, I'm really looking forward to this one. What did you think of the Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six trailer? For more on the film, visit the official site.