Warner Bros. Pretends 'Edge Of Tomorrow' Isn't Called 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

Edge of Tomorrow isn't the worst film this summer, not by a long shot, but it might be the worst title. It's bland. It's forgettable. It tells you nothing about the movie. And it's infinitely less memorable than the original title, All You Need Is Kill.

Apparently, Warner Bros. doesn't much like the name either. As Edge of Tomorrow prepares for a home video release, the studio is downplaying the real title in favor of its tagline, Live Die Repeat. In fact, that's actually the film's title on iTunes. Hit the jump to see what we're talking about.

Live Die Repeat Edge of Tomorrow

Technically, the film is still called Edge of Tomorrow — it's listed that way on the press release — but the words "Live Die Repeat" take up like half the cover. They're even on the spine! "Edge of Tomorrow" is relegated to the bottom right corner, where it looks like it's referring to Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's unusually monikered co-star.

But to be fair, the posters also played up the phrase "Live. Die. Repeat." quite a bit. Where it gets extreme is iTunes.

Live Die Repeat Edge of Tomorrow

As you can see in the screenshot above (which I took myself, so I can verify it's real), Edge of Tomorrow is actually listed under the name Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow on iTunes. You'd likely have no idea, looking at this page, that the film wasn't released as Live Die Repeat in theaters.

This isn't the first time the film's name has changed. It was originally titled All You Need Is Kill, after the book on which it's based. It's understandable that Warner Bros. didn't want to stick with that clunky title, but it's a far more intriguing name than Edge of Tomorrow.

Interestingly, it seems Warner Bros. figured out what a terrible name Edge of Tomorrow was pretty early on. Advertisements similar to the Blu-ray cover were reportedly plastered all over Los Angeles shortly after the picture's disappointing debut weekend — particularly near Burbank, where the studio is located.

While the title surely isn't the only reason the movie had such a soft opening, it probably didn't help. Edge of Tomorrow sounds less like the name of a big-budget summer blockbuster than the subtitle of a big-budget summer blockbuster — like something that should follow the colon after Transformers, X-Men, or Pirates of the Caribbean.

Whether Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow is a better title is debatable, though. On the one hand, it's catchier and much more relevant to the plot. On the other, Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow is a real mouthful, and playing up the tagline just makes it that much harder to remember what this film is really called.