Listen To David Fincher And Chuck Palahniuk Talk 'Fight Club' [Comic Con 2014]

One of the more appealing panels at Comic Con this year was organized around Fight Club. It featured novel author Chuck Palahniuk and film director David Fincher talking about the film, and the comic book sequel. Of course, it's also one of the panels we were unable to attend, but that's OK. The whole thing is available as an audio stream, and in very good quality. Listen to the full Fight Club Comic Con panel below, thanks to Jeff Goldsmith.

There's some good info here, such as Fincher's comments about box office versus DVD sales — the director finally got Fox to admit that the film sold 13 million copies on DVD. And that's before blu-ray. He talked about test screenings, and studio reactions to the offense taken to the movie by preview audiences. (And speficially talking about that super-brief insert of a penis shot at the end of the movie.)

[via Rope of Silicon]