A Scantily Clad Salma Hayek Shoots Up Gangsters In 'Everly' [Comic-Con 2014]

The Hall H lineup tends to consist of movies that are already getting a lot of hype, but every year there are a few under-the-radar projects that get their moment in the sun as well. One of the latter this year was Everly, described by director Joe Lynch as "Die Hard in a room." Which I suppose makes Salma Hayek Bruce WIllis.

The action-packed thriller follows a woman who's stuck in her apartment as her mob boss ex sends thugs to torment and kill her. The Everly Comic-Con panel included the first footage from the film, involving gangsters, grenades, and guns a-plenty. Hit the jump for our Everly footage description and Everly Comic-Con panel highlights.

Everly Comic-Con Panel Highlights

Hayek and Lynch came out onto the Hall H stage to present their new film. Hayek called her character Everly "the most badass-est of anybody I've ever played or seen" — and the body count from the clip alone backs up that description. But it's not all violence, either, as Hayek also promised that the film was "really funny."

Despite the fact that Lynch isn't, you know, a woman trapped in an apartment by a mob boss, he called Everly "a very personal story for me in so many ways." He described the movie as what we'd get "if you unzipped my brain and looked into it to see every kind of fetish I love as a filmmaker," referencing Ichi the Killer as one of his influences.

Everly sounded like an unusual film in a few ways. For one thing, it features a strong female character, though Lynch doesn't seem to be a fan of the term. "That shouldn't even be a thing, to be honest," he said. "It should just be strong character."

There's also the fact that the movie was shot chronologically. "So [Everly and I] were going through our journeys together," Hayek said. And the camera never leaves the room. It's about "allowing the audience to feel like they are trapped in the room with Everly at all times," explained Lynch. "We're truly trying to give you a real claustrophobic experience."

Everly hasn't yet confirmed a release date, but Lynch and Hayek stated it'd open sometime in February. And when it does, they hope you'll see it with a crowd. "It was meant for a communal experience," said Lynch. "This whole movie is a tonal rollercoaster. There's nothing better than being in a theater."

Everly Comic-Con Footage Recap

The Everly clip opens with a close-up of a cell phone. Eventually, the camera zooms out a bit to reveal the cell phone's owner: Everly, looking at herself in a bathroom mirror. She looks banged-up and is wearing nothing but a bloodied slip. She picks up the phone. "You betrayed me," says a male voice on the other line. "You will die in that room."

Everly seems to disagree, though, as her next step is to take a gun and shoot up an entire room full of would-be assassins. One of them, with his dying breath, insists it's not over. "There's no way out," he says. "What are you going to do?"

She pries up the floorboards to grab a bag of cash and does what lots of people do in a dire situation: she calls her mom. Everly says she needs to give her money so her mom can disappear. But then there's a knock on her door, and a lady assassin comes barging in. Everly tries to shoot at her and the two end up wrestling on the floor.

From there, we're treated to a montage of Everly's fiercest battles. She shoots with pistols and machine guns, lobs a grenade into an elevator full of men, and wields some blades. At one point, she looks out her window and into the window of an apartment across the street — and they immediately start shooting at her. She fires back with a machine gun, at which point they launch a rocket into her apartment and blow the place up.