A 'Simpsons' Character Dies In The Season 26 Premiere

Last year, Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told fans they'd be killing off a character in the upcoming season. He even gave a tease of who it may be, hinting the person voicing that character won an Emmy for voicing that character. At the time, we tried to narrow it down but the season came and went without that death. The reason was the tragic passing of voice actor Marcia Wallace, who voiced Ms. Krabapple. The Simpsons team thought gracefully killing that character as a tribute to Wallace was enough death for one year.

That was last year. This year, Jean promises the previously hinted character will still die, and even added to his initial hint. Read the quotes about the Simpsons character death below.

Jean offered up this info at the TCAs, reported by The Hollywood Reporter. In addition to repeating that the doomed character won an Emmy for the actor, he added the name of the episode in which it would happen is "Clown in the Dumps." It airs September 28, as the season 26 premiere. "It turned out bigger than we thought it was going to be," he said. "It's not going to be this bloodbath where they all get murdered." According to reports, he then called his clues "obvious" and added "It's called 'A Clown in the Dumps'" which reportedly elicited gasps.

Many are surmising that means Krusty the Clown dies. I doubt it. They can't kill Krusty the Clown. He's as popular and crucial to the show as almost everyone besides the core family."Clown in the Dumps" likely means he, or someone he's associated with, is sad about the death. So let's look at the other clue: the Emmy.

Basically every single voice actor who works on the show has won an Emmy. Of the characters they've actually won for, here's a list. According to Jean's quote, one of these people will die this season:

Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Apu, Sideshow Bob, Moe, Grandpa, Barney, Krusty, Carl, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, Duffman

Since I'm guessing it's not Krusty, I'm going to say Sideshow Bob bites the big one and Krusty will feel bad about his years of being at odds with the psychotic madman.

Also of note, Marcia Wallace did in fact win an Emmy for voicing Ms. Krabapple, so Jean wasn't lying last year when he made this declaration. It's a dark example of irony that his promise came to pass in a manner far more tragic than even he would have expected.

Who do you think will die during this season of The Simpsons?

Image credit: calxibe.com