'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Cameos Include A Notorious Cult Favorite

James Gunn promised that Guardians of the Galaxy would have "the most Marvel comics characters ever in one movie," and now we have some new info that suggests he may actually deliver. A list of confirmed cameos has been making the rounds, which includes details on just whom Nathan Fillion and Stan Lee are playing.

Even more amazing, however, is the reveal that one notorious cult favorite will also make an appearance in the movie. Here's a hint: He was the second Marvel character ever to get a theatrical feature. Hit the jump for all the dirt. And yes, obviously, spoilers lie ahead.

As confirmed by Gunn himself last month, Fillion will show up in the movie. He's playing a "Monstrous Inmate." Speaking of Gunn, he's appearing too, as a "Maskless Sakaaran." The Fillion reveal feels like a slight letdown after all those Nova and Cosmo rumors, but we'll take what we can get.

Besides, Cosmo actually will be in the movie, he just won't be played by Fillion. Instead, a dog named Fred gets the credit. Meanwhile, Rob Zombie will be heard as the "Ravager Navigator Voice." And Lee will have his usual Marvel movie cameo, this time as a "Xandarian Ladies' Man."

But perhaps the biggest surprise is that Howard the Duck will appear in some fashion. The character was first introduced in the comics in 1973, but he's best known from his 1986 solo film of the same title.

Said movie was immediately panned by critics and rejected by audiences, but it's an important part of Marvel cinematic history all the same. It was the first feature based on a Marvel character since 1944's Captain America. Over the years, it's become sort of a cult favorite.

How exactly Howard figures into the film remains to be seen. It could just be that one of the characters picks up a Howard comic or watches the movie, but I'd be amused to no end if the gang actually took a detour to Duckworld.

The references won't stop with Howard, either. Gunn has stated that the film would have "tons" of Easter eggs, ranging from "little things like graffiti on the walls" to actual character appearances.

"We have just tons of reference to you know Marvel Cosmic throughout the movie. And I'm certain probably the most Marvel comics characters ever in one movie," he said. "I would imagine times four, really. [...] Almost every little character is named after somebody in the comics."

Guardians of the Galaxy lands August 1.