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Header Photo: Indiana Jones Silhouette Posters (Inspired by Olly Moss)

The Top 10 Roles That Made Us Adore Tom HanksThe Best Lines About 2014?s Worst-Reviewed Films (So Far). Thanks, 'Tammy!'ZZ0CEF3BF9

"Mac & Me" by Falcon Toys for Bottleneck Gallery (July 11 Sale)

25 Future Stars Who Appeared on 'Seinfeld'6 Horror Subgenre Mashups We Want to SeeSky Map Of 135 Classic Horror FilmsA Stunning Sky Map Of 135 Classic Horror FilmsTop Ten Box Office Takeaways: Holiday Box Office Suffers Worst Drop of the Year

"Jaws" Is Ridiculous, Say Kids Who Owe Everything to "Jaws" by Ben Dreyfuss and Emily Dreyfuss

ZZ3AECE973Turn Popsicles Into Lightsabers With DIY HiltsJoe Swanberg (Happy Christmas) Talks Ben Falcone's Tammy

Check out the Star Wars fan film made by UGA's Chris Conley9 Comic-Con Surprises Sure to HappenZZ4A3A27C2Look at the New Fan Art From One of Our FavoritesTV shows that came back from the deadMillennium Falcon cutting board

Millennium Falcon cutting board

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Producer and Texas Based Entertainment Company Acquire Rights to 'Lone Survivor' Meets 'Black Hawk Down' Story Based on Actual Events

Game of Thrones, Season 4 vfx breakdown

Netflix Wants To Hire Someone In England To Sit Around And Watch Movies All Day


Fresh Star Wars Content Reaches The Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace

WWE Network Now Free On PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One

10 movies that show how great editing can turn movies into masterpieces

Disney Selects 11 Tech and Media Firms for 1st Startup Accelerator

Cobratistas Soccer t-shirt

Cobratistas Soccer t-shirt

General Harmonics Is Basically Pied Piper From "Silicon Valley"

2014 SDCC Exclusive Frozen POP! Vinyl Figures

2014 SDCC Exclusive Frozen POP! Vinyl Figures

Marin Ireland Joins 'Masters Of Sex'; Sam Waterston Cast In Netflix's 'Grace And Frankie'; Ness Bautista Added To 'Sense8?

This is How Kiefer Sutherland Coined His '24? CatchphraseSylvester Stallone to Star in Mob Tale 'Scarpa'James Hance's

James Hance's "Raider" painting

'Transformers 4? hits $222 million and Grabs China Box Office Record

Trailers From Hell: Alan Spencer on ROCKY BALBOA

Star Wars Books Sample Available for Free on Amazon

The framing chart used during production of Inherent ViceThe framing chart used during production of Inherent Vice.

'The Music of: Nashville,' Inspired by the Hit ABC Show, Begins July 18 at Disneyland Park

When You Wish Upon A Death Star t-shirt

When You Wish Upon A Death Star t-shirt

Frozen's Epic Box Office Winning Streak In Japan Just Ended

Diagon Alley original concept art

150 random celebrities, painstakingly sorted into Hogwarts housestill Luke said... t-shirt

till Luke said... t-shirt

Historic Egyptian Theatre Announces Banksy Artwork Fundraising Initiative

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