Tilda Swinton Hopes You'll See Her 2008 Film 'Julia' [Trailer]

Do you want to disappoint Tilda Swinton? No, of course you don't. Over the weekend, the actress took part in a Reddit AMA to promote her new film Snowpiercer. During the session she gave many charming and informative answers to a wide variety of questions. Asked about an unappreciated movie of hers that she hopes more people might see, she wrote enthusiastically about Erick Zonca's 2008 film Julia.

The movie, inspired by John Cassavetes' Gloria, features Swinton in the lead role as a woman who kidnaps a young boy in hopes of ransoming him for a large amount of money. Below, read her comments, and watch the trailer for the film.

In the Reddit AMA, Swinton said,

Making films is such a long drawn out business.. there is the preparation (after the pre-preparation.. which can be years) and then we shoot, cut and look for distribution. I made a film with Erick Zonca called JULIA of which I am extremely proud: in the United States it had a very small release by a great little and passionate distribution company called Magnolia.. but there was only so wide they could release it.. PLEASE look for that one.. it is something else.. and I LOVE it.

Here's the trailer for Julia, which is indeed a good film, an eccentric, all-in thriller which features a dominating performance from Swinton. It's an atypical performance from her, though one might well say that Tilda Swinton's defining characteristic is that she does not give "typical" performances.

Julia is not currently streaming for free on a service like Netflix (at least not in the US) but is available for rental on iTunes or digital purchase on Amazon. The widget below links to various services that offer digital versions of the film. With luck, it'll crop up on a streaming service in the future, but those who appreciate Swinton's work should just drop a few bucks on a rental now.

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