Transformers 4 Dinobots Concept Art By Wesley Burt

The Dinobots are what it's all about in Transformers: Age of Extinction. From the film's earliest iterations, the idea to bring in the fan favorite characters was at the center of the film's construction. They then became the focus of the marketing and were the reward in the theater once they finally show up in Michael Bay's long movie.

When designing something that important, of course, what we see on screen is never the only version. It's the final version after months and months of concepts, designs, approvals and denials. One of the artists involved, Wesley Burt, uploaded a bunch of Transformers 4 Dinobots concept art to Facebook and, below, you can see alternate versions of the characters.

Thanks to Wesley Burt (via Comic Book Movie) for the images. Head to Burt's Facebook for more detail and info on each photo as well as bunch of other photos. Some of the designs are final, others are concepts.

Burt also said this about all the images:

Had an amazing time working on this with Production Designer Jeffrey Beecroft & Art Director Ben Procter, and all the other awesome artists on the project- Josh Nizzi, Steve Jung, Steve Messing, Ed Natividad, Warren Manser, Vitaly Bulgarov, Fausto De Martini, Patrick Faulwetter, Steve Burg, Paul Ozzimo, John Park, & everyone else, so many people to name.  And immense thanks to all of the amazing artists at ILM and Bay Films that brought all these early ideas to life. Was so cool seeing this stuff up on the IMAX screen in 3d!

If you want to see more Dinobots and some of the key images from the final action scene in Hong Kong, head over to Burt's Facebook. His work was obviously very influential on the final product audiences all over the world saw this weekend.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is now in theaters.