VOTD: Pearl Jam Covers 'Let It Go' From 'Frozen'

Not long after Frozen was released, Disney put out a video of Elsa's signature theme "Let It Go" being sung in 25 different languages. And that was only the beginning of the Frozen interpretations and reinterpretations. Since then, we've seen a Mr. Freeze version, a Game of Thrones version, a Jimmy Fallon and the Roots version, a Stormtrooper version — you name it.

Now even Pearl Jam is getting in on the game, with Eddie Vedder belting out the tune at a recent concert. Who knew pristine princess Elsa could sound so '90s grunge? Watch the video after the jump.

Maybe it shouldn't be surprising that Vedder is a Frozen fan. It's barely an exaggeration at this point to say that everybody in the known world loves this movie. After all, it didn't get to be the fifth highest-grossing film — not Disney film, not animated film, just film – of all time by being unpopular.

But the fact that he sang "Let It Go" as a tag to the classic Pearl Jam tune "Daughter" offers a pretty big clue as to how this '90s rock band wound up paying homage to the Queen of Arendelle. When he's not performing in front of thousands of adoring fans, Vedder is just a 49-year-old father of two girls, 10-year-old Olivia and 5-year-old Harper.

Something tells us he's been listening to the Frozen soundtrack nonstop for the past eight months. He probably just sang it to deal with the persistent earworm. In that light, the real surprise isn't that he's singing "Let It Go," but that he's singing the real lyrics and not the fed-up dad ones.

Which version of "Let It Go" is your favorite?