'The Killing' Recap Video: Catch Up On Seasons 1-3 Before Season 4

Most shows are lucky to get revived once. The Killing is experiencing the revival twice, with its second comeback scheduled for this August. To prepare fans for the fourth and final season, Netflix has released a The Killing recap video that revisits some of the highlights from the first three seasons. Watch it after the jump.


As mentioned earlier in this post, the upcoming fourth season is actually The Killing's second time coming back from the dead. The show got off to a strong start on AMC in 2011, but started to lose viewers thanks to a series of increasingly frustrating decisions. AMC decided to cancel the show after Season 2, and only changed its mind after producer Fox Television Studios struck a deal with Netflix.

Then, following Season 3, AMC killed The Killing again — only for Netflix to decide a couple of months later that it wanted to bring back the show. Season 4, which hits the streaming service August 1, is billed as the final season of the show, but who even knows at this point.

The next season will be shorter overall than previous ones, with just six episodes instead of the usual twelve or thirteen. However, the individual episodes themselves will run longer — 55-59 minutes per installment, as opposed to 40-odd minutes on AMC. There will also be more cursing, according to showrunner Veena Sud: "Joel Kinnaman was very happy to learn that he could say the 'F' bomb."

The Killing Season 4 picks up after the events of Season 3, but takes the characters to a whole new world. Sud told TV Guide:

Season 4 of the investigation takes place in a wealthy part of Seattle, so we're changing up the world of the victims. We were in a working class family Seasons 1 and 2. We were on the streets in Season 3, and now, we're in the echelon of power and wealth in Seattle. There is a mass murder and the detectives are fish-out-of-water kind of navigating their way through the world of Seattle's rich. There is a link to a boy's military academy that's basically a holding cell for rich, wayward boys. The head of this all-boys military academy is played by the fabulous Joan Allen and we get to see two very strong, fierce women – Joan Allen and Mireille Enos – go head-to-head.

Are you excited for more The Killing, or do you wish the show had stayed dead?