VOTD: 'History Cops' Parody Trailer From 'The Lego Movie' Blu-Ray

What do animators do when they have extra time and materials on hand? That's a trick question; animators really don't have any extra time. But if there were a few surplus minutes on hand, they might make something like History Cops.

The Lego Movie hits blu-ray next week, but one of the special features is online now. History Cops is a parody of grindhouse trailers featuring Lego versions of Michelangelo and Abraham Lincoln. They fight crime, they bust heads, and they dish out quips like "I release you from the shackles of freedom!" It's lovely, watch below.Will Forte reprises his Lego Movie role as Abraham Lincoln. (I believe The Lego Movie co-director Phil Lord voices Michaelangelo.)

Here's a bit more info: