Do These Marvel Trademarks Hint At Future Films?

The MCU may be mapped out through 2028, but Kevin Feige isn't always forthcoming about specific details on those plans. However, a recent raft of trademark applications from Marvel may offer a few clues.

Some of the trademarks, like Guardians of the Galaxy and Age of Ultron, have obvious connections to films we already know about. But others, like Strikeforce Morituri and Journey Into Mystery, could just be hinting at other projects to come. Speculate with us after the jump.

Age Of Ultron, Alpha Flight, Black Panther, Guardians Of The Galaxy, New Warriors, Rocket Raccoon, Strikeforce Morituri, Journey Into Mystery, Irredeemable Ant Man

As reported by, the trademarks were for "downloadable electronic publications in the nature of comic books, comic magazines and stories in illustrated form." It's possible, then, these have to do with Marvel's comic book plans, not their movie plans. But trademark applications have offered some good hints in the past about top-secret projects in the works, so we can't help but wonder.

We know a Black Panther movie has been in development at Marvel Studios for some time already. Rocket Raccoon is one of the leads in this summer's Guardians of the Galaxy. And we have Ant-Man coming next year — although as far as we know the movie doesn't involve the "irredeemable" Ant-Man (a.k.a. Eric O'Grady).

The New Warriors team includes Nova, who's rumored to be making an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. Journey Into Mystery is the name of the series which gave birth to Thor. The comic book was cancelled last fall, but Marvel clearly hasn't forgotten about it. The phrase "Journey Into Mystery" has actually shown up in past Thor films as an Easter egg.

The Alpha Flight superhero team is more typically associated with the X-Men, the movie rights for whom are set up at Fox. But the Big Hero 6, who are getting their own Disney animated film later this year, actually originated in the pages of the Alpha Flight comics.

The biggest head-scratcher on that trademark list is probably Strikeforce Morituri, but there actually was a TV project based on that property in the works a few years ago. Perhaps Marvel is thinking of reviving the project. (Or maybe it's just a move in the ongoing legal battle between Marvel and series co-creator Peter B. Gillis.)

As we said above, the trademarks applications are technically for digital comics, not movies. But it is interesting that all of these can be traced back to movie projects in one way or another. For more details, click over to for the full story.