Mondo Tackles 'The Matrix' And 'The French Connection'

The phrase "When it rains, it pours" applies to Mondo posters Wednesday. After a cavalcade of great work by Ken Taylor for their Austin-based gallery, Mondo revealed two out-of-left-field posters that'll go on sale Thursday May 29. There's the Oscar-winning thriller The French Connection by Adam Simpson and the sci-fi masterpiece The Matrix made by Kevin Tong. Check out both posters below.

Here's the regular and variant of The French Connection by Adam Simpson:

These are 24"x36" screen prints. Hand-numbered. The regular is edition of 325 and costs $40. The variant is an edition 150 and costs $60.

Next is The Matrix by Kevin Tong:

These are also 24"x36" screen prints. Hand-numbered. The regular is an edition of 275 and costs $45 and the variant is an edition 150 and costs $65. (As for the text, it says "Tough Guy Cinema Presents THE MATRIX 35 MM Screening at 5:00 pm on May 18th 2014 Alamo Drafthouse Cinem

a The Ritz 320 E 6th St Austin TX." (Sure, that date already passed, but it was obviously meant for a recent screening.)

What I like about both these posters is they take already visually iconic movies and give them a unique artistic spin. Sometimes, posters don't try very hard. Love these or hate these, both Tong and Simpson had a very strong visual idea for each film. Each is very much in the language of the movie, but totally different from what you'd expect. That's sure to create polarizing reactions but, what good art doesn't do that?

Follow Mondo on Twitter for the on sale announcement.They'll be online at a random time Thursday, May 29th.