See An Unused Concept For 'Godzilla' Monster Battle On Alcatraz

Godzilla is stomping through theaters worldwide, but even with the mysteries of the new movie fully revealed on screen, there are still hidden bits of recent Godzilla history to uncover. For instance, two new pieces of concept art have surfaced showing ideas batted around a couple years ago. These were likely done before the current incarnation of the film really got rolling, but one in particular is eye-catching enough to merit a look. 

Frank Hong (via posted a couple of his keyframe concepts, done for production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas (Inception). Dyas did not end up working as the designer for the Gareth Edwards film; that role was taken instead by Owen Paterson, who has worked extensively with the Wachowskis.

One image has a lightning variation on the lizard's classic blue blast of atomic breath. The other is the really good one, as it features what looks like a version of the monster Anguirus, who in this case is facing down Godzilla, with Alcatraz Island stuck between them.

Unused Godzilla Concept Art