Superhero Bits: Guardians Of The Galaxy, X-Men Days Of Future Past, Batman Vs. Superman, Agent Carter

Want to learn of bunch of behind the scenes secrets and easter eggs from Guardians of the Galaxy? Did someone tease the Joker appearing in Batman vs. Superman? When will Agent Carter air and for how long? In what context did Ant-Man get mentioned on Saturday Night Live? Will Quicksilver be coming back in the X-Men universe? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Larry Fong Joker Card

The cinematographer of Batman vs. Superman, Larry Fong, posted the above photo online. Fans took it to be a tease Joker is in the movie. He is not.

There are not many Mike Mitchell Marvel posters left, but what's left is here.

A funny Honest Trailer for the X-Men Trilogy via Screen Junkies.

Simon Kinberg talked to Total Film about using Quicksilver and maybe bringing him back.

Did you notice all the ALF's in the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer?

A cool look back at all the movie posters in the X-Men universe by The Code is Zeek.

More Guardians, James Gunn put this image on his Instagram about one of his influence concept artists.

Sideshow Collectibles teased their Rocket Raccoon premium format figure.

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A bunch of additional X-Men Days of Future Past character videos are up here. Above is Bishop.

Superhero Hype has a really good look at Gal Gadot in character in Batman vs. Superman.

9 minutes of behind the scenes B-roll from X-Men Days of Future Past.

Agent Carter will be eight episodes starting in January 2015.

Paul Rudd showed up on Saturday Night Live over the weekend and Ant-Man got mentioned.

A long recap of the Guardians of the Galaxy Facebook Q&A.

Batman Arkham Knight tech

A new image of the tech savvy Batman from Arkham Knight  was posted to Twitter.

Max Landis wrote his own Spider-Man musical on Facebook.