First 'Pitch Perfect 2' Image Reunites The Barden Bellas

The Barden Bellas are back! Well, technically they won't be back on the big screen until next spring. But the actors who play them are back together in Louisiana for shooting right now, and the first Pitch Perfect 2 image has just been revealed from the set.

The picture reunites all your favorite Bellas — Beca (Anna Kendrick), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Chloe (Brittany Snow), Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean), Stacie (Alexis Knapp), Lilly (Hana Mae Lee), and so on. There's even some fresh blood in the form of Hailee Steinfeld. And let's not forget the director, Elizabeth Banks.

Pitch Perfect 2 opens May 15. Katey Sagal and Adam DeVine also star.