Because Of Course: James Franco Documentary In The Works

James Franco has been an actor, a director, an author, a scholar, a painter, and an Instagram creepster. Now he's going to be a documentary subject, too. First-time director Lisa Vangellow has been collecting footage for Franco: A Documentary since last June, and is now heading into the editing bay. More details on the project after the jump.

Additionally, Vangellow was allowed access to what TheWrap calls Franco's "notoriously secretive social circle," which may be the only time anyone has ever described Seth Rogen that way. (The phrasing probably makes more sense when applied to MOMA curator Klaus Biesenbach, who also makes an appearance.)

While Franco might not be half as fascinating as he thinks he is (it's not clear that anyone is as fascinating as he thinks he is), his unusual career and distinctive public persona could make him a good topic for a documentary. Particularly if the documentary covers his more recent semi-scandals. I'm sure plenty of fans would like to know just what in the hell he was thinking when he sent sexy selfies to a teenager.

But at this point, we don't know exactly what angle the film will take on its subject. Vangellow was reportedly one of Franco's UCLA film students, and the film is being edited by Franco's Bukowski and Child of God editor Curtiss Clayton. That's not to say they can't make an honest, incisive film about Franco, but if they're all friendly it's easy to imagine Franco: A Documentary just becoming a self-aggrandizing puff piece. 

Whatever Franco: A Documentary turns out to be, look for it to hit the festival circuit in the near future.