Superhero Bits: X-Men Days Of Future Past, Batman Vs. Superman, Agent Carter, Deadpool, Venom

Could that possibly be the Batman vs. Superman Batmobile? Who would win in a fight, the X-Men or the Avengers? Which superhero has the most money? What's the latest update on Deadpool? Do the X-Men producers want you to forget X-Men The Last Stand? When will Agent Carter air on ABC? Did someone tweet that Spider-Man's rights could go back to Marvel? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Possible Batmobile sculptBlue Realm Studios (via Cosmic) posted this image that they make sound like is a full sculpt of the Batmobile from the Batman vs. Superman. It may be official, it may not be. The front looks right, but the back does not. Cool none the less.

Warner Bros. has launched the Superman Hall of Heroes for people who are true heroes.

JLA Adventures

Check out the cover of JLA Adventures out May 20.

X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner spoke to HeyUGuys about Deadpool and getting fans to forget X-Men The Last Stand. Thanks to CBM.

Blink is the latest X-Men: Days of Future Past start to get a featurette. Also new? Beast and Magneto.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. moves to 9 p.m. next year and when it takes a break, Agent Carter will take over midseason.

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Movie Trailers, Celebrity NewsJames McAvoy makes some good points on why the X-Men would beat up The Avengers.On Location Vacations reports on yet another Batman vs. Superman location in Michigan.

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A live action credits sequence of Batman: The Animated Series by Jeffjambanjo via CBR.

Though Chronicle writer Max Landis briefly tweeted the Spider-Man movie rights had reverted to Marvel, that's not the case.

Self-explanatory awesome look back at old comic fandom.

Mere hours after we saw the latest Batsuit, Cinemablend grades them all.

Khoa Ho - Magneto

Artist Khoa Ho is releasing some new X-Men themed posted in his ongoing  "Superheroes Past/ Present" series. @HeroComplexArt will sell them Wednesday May 14. Thanks to Blurppy.

Box Office Mojo has a chart of how other superhero movies have slipped on the second weekend like The Amazing Spider-Man 2.Venom mug

Super cool Venom mug via Geek Alerts.

Buddy Loans doesn't think Batman or Iron Man is the richest superhero.