Stephen King Short Story 'Bad Little Kid' Will Become A Movie

It is rather amazing that, after forty years of publishing stories, the work of Stephen King is just as popular (perhaps more popular) than ever. Novels and short stories become potential movies and TV shows from almost the moment they are published, if not sooner. Take the newest Stephen King short story Bad Little Kid, which hasn't even properly hit the US yet. It was released to Germany and France in March, written specifically for European fans who gave King a warm reception when he toured there last year.

But Bad Little Kid is already set up to become a film. Laurent Bouzereau, who wrote and directed the 2011 doc A Night at the Movies: The Horrors of Stephen King, which featured King talking about horror films, will write and direct a feature based on the short story.

THR reports that the story "centers on a man whose life changes forever when he realizes that a mysterious boy is causing the deaths of people he loves." That sure sounds like prime King material, and is easily a good basis for a film.

And while Bouzereau doesn't have a lot of feature experience, he has probably made quite a few things you've seen — his IMDB page credits him as the producer and director of hundreds of behind-the-scenes featurettes. So he's seen a lot of how things work, and hopefully that will help translate to a horror movie that works. King films don't have the best track record, but his compact short stories may be more reliable source material than his novels. So this one has that going for it.