Japanese Fans Mock American Godzilla For Being Too Fat

If anyone was safe from the horrors of fat-shaming, you'd think it'd be Godzilla. After all, he's a massive, terrifying monster whose only real job is to be as massive and as terrifying as possible.

Nevertheless, Japanese fans are reportedly mocking Gareth Edwards' Godzilla for being "an American fatty." "He's gone and supersized himself," one snarked. Hit the jump to see what else they had to say about the poor giant.

Japan Today and THR picked up some of the comments posted on fan sites about Godzilla's new look in Edwards' movie. "It's true that you gain weight in America. It's a calorie monster," said one. Other names hurled at the big guy "couch potato Godzilla," "Godzilla Deluxe," and "Marshmallow-Godzilla."

To be sure, some of the commenters were slightly more sympathetic to the oversized creature. "A spare tire is expected in middle age," one fan pointed out, while another remarked that "even Godzilla has metabolic syndrome these days."

But perhaps most cutting of all are the remarks that suggest Godzilla's girth makes him less scary. One commenter called the creature "chubby and cute," which is probably the last thing a scary monster wants to hear. Another said, "He's so fat, I laughed."

Then again, others think Godzilla's new heft may end up being a plus. AFP spoke with one longtime Godzilla aficionado, Fumihiko Abe, who admitted to "a bit taken aback" when he saw that the new Godzilla was "fat from the neck downwards and massive at the bottom."However, he added, "I can feel the mightiness of Godzilla from this new one. I'm interested in seeing how the heaviness is expressed in the new film." Godzilla opens May 16 in the U.S., but Japanese audiences will have to wait all the way until June 25 to see it. Serves 'em right for mocking him. Bryan Cranston, Juliette BinocheAaron Taylor-Johnson, and Elizabeth Olsen star.