VOTD: How 'The Lego Movie' Should Have Ended Featuring Superman And Batman

The How It Should Have Ended videos are always well done. Insightful, funny, and professional looking. But they've taken things to a new level for The Lego Movie. They've emulated the animation overseen by directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller to create a video that not only looks exactly like it's part of The Lego Movie, it points out some pretty interesting points. And, because it's the Internet, it uses Superman and Batman to do so.

Check out the amazing Lego Movie How It Should Have Ended video below.

Thanks to the HISHE crew and Brotherhood Workshop for the impressive animation. (Also, this received an endorsement from Chris Miller himself!)

Doesn't this look like deleted scenes from the movie? It's so well done and so true. If Superman had Superman's powers in The Lego Movie world, he would have owned. The only minus? No Millennium Falcon mention.

What did you think of the video?