'Star Wars Episode VII': Oscar Isaac Rumored, Harrison Ford's Role May Be "Gigantic"

Within the next week we should have an official announcement of the Star Wars Episode VII cast. That will put to rest the rumor mill merry-go-round that has spun endlessly since the first official announcement of the new film, over a year ago. The rumors are only coming more quickly now that we're so close to the official announcement, however. The latest says that Oscar Isaac is a likely pick for a significant role, and that Harrison Ford will have a "gigantic" role in at least the first film.

Deadline reports both, along with further mentions of past rumored names John Boyega, Adam Driver, and Maisie Richardson-Sellers. Those three names have been part of the rumor cycle for a while, and Isaac isn't exactly new, but this is a more firm attachment to the project than he's had in the past. In fact, Borys Kit of THR says,

Deadline says that the big confab in London which has been the subject of Star Wars whispers for over a week is actually the first full table read with the solidified cast. If anyone learns where that is taking place, a list of comings and goings would confirm the cast if Lucasfilm hasn't already released a list.

The site also says that Harrison Ford "has a gigantic role in the first of the next three films." Precisely how that will work out is, like everything else related to this project, open to question at this point. The only details confirmed are the core creatives, such as director JJ Abrams, and the fact that R2-D2 will appear. Everything else, from the participation of Ford and fellow original trilogy actors Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, down to the precise lineup of new characters for the film, is unconfirmed.

We will, of course, update as soon as Lucasfilm and/or Disney sees fit to go on the record about any casting.