'Let's Be Cops' Trailer: 'New Girl' Guys Get "Super Illegal"

Hollywood is littered with films about cops who refuse to play by the book, and are threatened with losing their badges as a result. But cops who never got the book in the first place, because they never actually had badges to begin with? That's different.

In the new trailer for Let's Be Cops, New Girl roommates Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. play a pair of BFFs who dress as police officers for a costume party. When their fake outfits get them mistaken for real cops, they quickly discover that they enjoy the respect and excitement that comes with their (phony) new jobs. Watch the video after the jump.

Let's Be Cops feels like nothing so much as a New Girl subplot blown up to feature length. I could totally see Nick and Coach pretending to be cops for an episode. Johnson and Wayans' characters here are so close to their characters there, in fact, that it makes me wonder why Schmidt, Winston, Jess, and Cece aren't there to stop their shenanigans before they get out of hand.

And you know they're going to get out of hand, because that's how these movies go. Let's Be Cops has the potential to get pretty dark and twisted, since the thought of two schmucks like these getting away with impersonating authority figures is terrifying. Whether the film understands that is unclear. The trailer keeps things pretty light. But if nothing else, Let's Be Cops should be worth checking out just for the great chemistry between its two leads.

Let's Be Cops opens August 13.