VOTD: 'A Timeline Of World Cinema' Web Series Presents More Than A Century Of History

A Timeline of World Cinema is a great way to spend an hour. You probably know a lot about one or two time periods in film. There's always a lot to learn about all decades of cinema history, however. The last hundred years, from the late 1800s right up to the present, are full of stories.

The web series A Timeline of World Cinema presents a great overview of more than a century of film history. It comes complete with important personality profiles and a consideration of many film movements and important ideas in criticism.

The videos can be a bit academic. They do, however, present a lot of information in a streamlined manner. The series is a fairly in-depth overview of decades of history. At times the production quality is a bit rough, but the content is great. Below, we've embedded a playlist featuring all six episodes. It will begin playing with the introduction and roll through the entire series.

A Timeline of World Cinema Playlist