LOL: What If Superman Was In 'Gravity'?

Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity revolved entirely around the fact that it's really, really hard for humans to survive in space. We require expensive equipment just to get there, and high-tech spacesuits to survive for more than a few minutes. Then, even when we're wearing those, a single mishap can be enough to send us hurtling toward a painful death. Space is terrifying that way.

But space isn't nearly as much of a challenge for, say, Superman. And Gravity might have been an extremely different movie if Christopher Reeve's Kryptonian hero had been around, as evidenced by this "alternate scene" cut from the start of the space-set thriller. Watch it after the jump.

The best part isn't even the rescue. It's the twisted explanation of how Superman got involved in the Explorer's mess in the first place. Dick move, dude. Notice that he doesn't even bother to 'fess up when he finally gets ahold of Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock). Or at least we don't think he does. We can't understand anything he says, because as the movie points out, there's no sound in space.

We assume this is just an April Fool's Day gag. But on the other hand, Warner Bros. has been all about trying to build up its own superhero universe these days. We've already got Batman and Wonder Woman slated to appear in the next Superman flick, and maybe even another Green Lantern movie on the way. In that light, is it that farfetched to think the studio considered having Superman drop in on one of their biggest 2014 hits, Gravity?

... Yes. Of course it is. But if they wanted to bring Bullock and George Clooney into the fold for the next DC adventure, we wouldn't mind. Just saying.