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Header Photo: This Darth Vader Tattoo Comes With A Pre-Made Lightsaber

Why don't we see LGBT parents portrayed in children's films?The Sorry State of Manhattan Movie HousesMike Mignola's Concept Art For Disney's AtlantisMike Mignola's Otherworldly Concept Art For Disney's AtlantisWhy Hasn't Hollywood Made a Movie About This Myth Yet?

Disney's Doing Great, So Why Buy a Bunch of YouTube Channels?

ZZ3F71F616This real-life photo of Marge Simpson will haunt your dreams foreverTOP 10 CHRISTIAN-THEMED MOVIESHow to Survive a Flood (According to the Movies)Breaking Bad BlueprintsBreaking Bad BlueprintsRio 2 Actually Broke A World Record At Its Miami Premiere

Game Of Thrones Reviewed In 9 Minutes

'From Dusk Till Dawn' TV Show Gets Second Season

I Drive 88MPH t-shirt

I Drive 88MPH t-shirt

Oren Uziel Scripting Blueprint For DreamWorks' 'Heist'POP! MOVIES: PULP FICTION FIGURES


'Noah' Sound Editor/Mixer on Creating Rain, Animals and the Ark's Soundscape

Dumb 80s-Style Action Meets a Lo-Fi 'Inception' In This Short Film

NBC Acquires 'Taxi Brooklyn'; Action Series Based On Luc Besson's Feature Franchise

Brony Fett t-shirt

Brony Fett t-shirt

Number of Frequent Young Moviegoers Plummets in 2013

Auto-Tuned 'Game of Thrones' Is Cooler Than the Night's Watch

Criterion adds Harold Lloyd's campus comedy The Freshman to its collection


iTunes Movie Trailers App Updated With Notifications, Reviews From Rotten Tomatoes

AMC Sets Directors for Knifeman and Galyntine Pilots


'Heathers: The Musical': A very '80s first look at Veronica, JD, and the Heathers

Xbox One's EPIX App Makes Watching TV On Your TV Easier

Hear Kristen Bell Read a Clip From the New Veronica Mars Novel

'Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy' Actor Joins Ethan Hawke in 'Regression'


MPAA Data Shows That Women Are Still The Majority of Moviegoers

James Moll's Documentary 'Farmland' To Open Theatrically May 1

Watch the Louis C.K. SNL Promos

Plans to Raze '12 Years a Slave' Site for Baseball Stadium Draw Outrage


Black Milk Clothing Goes Back To School With The Hogwarts 2.0 Collection

Sam Jaeger Enlists For 'American Sniper'; Jon Tenney Joins 'The Best Of Me'Gallifreyniacs t-shirt

Gallifreyniacs t-shirt

Hollywood to Test Discount Movie Ticket Prices for Weeknights

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Minimates Video Review

'House of Cards' Actor to Star in 'The Inherited'

Breaking Bad

All Hail The King, Portraits of Walter White That Explore His Different Personas on 'Breaking Bad'

Oculus Rift Just Put Facebook in the Movie Business

A Trippy Remix Of Wisdom From The OG Jedi Master

Sci-Fi Pitch 'Invisible' Materializes At Fox

MacGyver Tool Kit

Be Ready For Anything With This MacGyver Tool Kit

'True Detective' to Submit as Drama Series, Not Miniseries, for Emmys

Star Wars LIGHT UP Chop SabersStar Wars LIGHT UP Chop Sabers

African-American Moviegoers Increase for First Time Since 2009

Watch "HOUSE OF THRONES" A Mash Up Of House of Cards & Game Of Thrones...

Netflix Dropping Fox's '24? From Streaming Queue

Movie-History Lesson: See the First Movie Created in the U.S., 'Monkeyshines, No. 1' by Thomas Edison

Deadline estimates The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug reaps $134.1 million profit for Warner Bros.

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