Trivia: Walt Disney's Original Animated Character Oswald Has A Cameo In 'Get A Horse'

Get A Horse, the 3D animated short seen by millions in front of Frozen, is now on Blu-ray. That means millions more will discover the "lost" Walt Disney animated short, that then becomes a full on, 3D marvel. The short is packed with characters, information, jokes and – surely – easter eggs. For example, in the world of Disney, hidden Mickeys are a big thing. But when the short stars Mickey, what do you do? A hidden Oswald, Disney's first animated character, of course! Did you miss the Get A Horse Oswald Cameo? Below, check out the image.

Thanks to @rezalackey for the heads up and @MouseInfo for the image:

Get A Horse Oswald Cameo Photo

Get A Horse Oswald Cameo

Very cool, right?

Get A Horse is an extra on the Frozen Blu-ray, now in stores.