Which 'Jurassic Park' Character Returns For 'Jurassic World'?

Speculation on which Jurassic Park characters might reprise their roles for Jurassic World has been swirling pretty much since the moment Jurassic World was announced. So far, though, none of the actors have confirmed their return.

But now Colin Trevorrow is doing it for them. Or for one specific person, to be more precise. Hit the jump to find out which original Jurassic Park character will make it back for the sequel — and why you shouldn't expect to see the others return with them.

This hasn't been announced yet, but BD Wong will be returning as Dr. Henry Wu. He had a much larger role in the original novel, he was the engineer of this breakthrough in de-extinction. He spent two decades living in Hammond's shadow, underappreciated. We think there's more to his story.

Although Wong's Henry Wu had only a supporting role in the first film, Trevorrow's comments suggest he could be a major player in the upcoming sequel. The actor has previously hinted at the possibility of his appearing in Jurassic World, but until now it wasn't clear if he was just playing around or being serious.

Meanwhile, several other stars — including Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum, who had much more prominent roles in the original — have said that they weren't asked to return. Trevorrow explains that there's a good reason he hasn't tried to get them back.

I know a lot of fans want to see the original characters back. They're iconic. But I respect those actors too much to shoehorn them into this story for my own sentimental reasons. Jurassic Park isn't about the bad luck of three people who keep getting thrown into the same situation. The only reason they'd go back to that island is if the screenwriters contrived a reason for them to go.

Which maybe isn't the answer Goldblum's diehard followers were hoping for, but from a filmmaking perspective that makes sense.

Jurassic World opens June 12, 2015Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard star.