Funny Or Die Admits To Fake Hoverboard Video

Funny or Die has been sorry a lot lately. Now they're apologizing for a fake hoverboard video. After the weirdness with Jerry O'Connell a few weeks back, the site has admitted the HUVr viral video released on Tuesday was, indeed, a ruse.

The mythic Back to the Future Part II prop has been on wish lists since 1989 and despite prop replicas and real life scientific attempts, we're no closer to zipping around in the air like Marty McFly than we were 25 years ago. That didn't change yesterday, despite a "company" called HUVr releasing videos starring the likes of Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk and Terrell Owens and showing real, working hoverboards.

Had history finally been made? No, it was a prank; now Funny or Die has capped it off with another funny video. Check it out below.

Thanks to Funny or Die for the video

You can watch the original HUVr videos by clicking here. They are pretty obvious fakes, but are made with enough skill and confidence to make you question it for a millisecond. That makes them fun. But, unfortunately, this image from a cached online resume tipped the company's hand as well.


We've already see some other things from Back to the Future Part II (the Nikes, being the best example) come to fruition so maybe Hoverboards will eventually be a reality. But not just yet and definitely not with Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Moby, Billy Zane and the HUVr company.

Funny Or Die recently teamed up with a group of celebrities for an elaborate prank to convince the world hoverboards were real and that a company called HUVr had invented them. Sadly, we were lying. The great promise of Back to the Future II has not been fulfilled ... yet. And for that, we truly are sorry