Three 'The Knick' Teasers See Clive Owen Bloodied

In a new set of three The Knick teasers, we see more flashes of Steven Soderbergh's upcoming Cinemax show. All are pretty short, just like the first, but they feature that same Colin Stetson baritone sax honk, and super-ominous shots of star Clive Owen, who plays a turn of the century surgeon in New York's Knickerbocker Hospital.

Check out the three below, and link back here for the first.

While the music here, as before, seems to be sourced from the sax playing of Colin Stetson, we know that Cliff Martinez will score the show. He's worked with Soderbergh quite a few times before, on films such as Solaris and Contagion. Hopefully he'll be putting Stetson to use, but regardless we expect the show will sound good.

[via The Playlist]

The Knick is set to premiere this summer on Cinemax. We don't have a precise air date at this point.