'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' Deleted Scene: "The Pig Head Sequence"

This Roger Rabbit deleted scene explains so much. A video has been brought to our attention from the DVD of Robert Zemeckis' 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In it, Zemeckis and his crew discuss a deleted scene they refer to as "The Pig Head Sequence" which was the first completed scene in the film, but was later cut out. The scene explains why Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) awkwardly comes into in his office to meet Jessica Rabbit with his shirt off in the final film. He was washing off a giant 'toon pig head.

Below, watch the Roger Rabbit deleted scene as well as some behind the scenes looks at how it was created.

This scene has been available on the Who Framed Roger Rabbit DVD, but now you can watch it online. Thanks to Cinetropolis (via Super Punch).

Zemeckis really wanted to keep the scene because it was such a technical marvel but, as they were tightening the film, it slowed down the forward momentum. However, the next scene – Eddie and Jessica – was essential, hence them adding in a sound effect to cover the fact Eddie is shirtless in the bathroom.

But how did they do it? Here's a quote from FX Supervisor George Gibbs:

What we ended up doing was to make a mold of the pig's head in silicon rubber. The, we got ordinary kleenex tissues and lined the mold with a mixture of water, sugar and kleenex tissues. We got a cotton candy machine and made enough spun sugar to pack the inside of the tissue paper with cotton candy. This time, Bob Hoskins wore the pig's head. He goes into the shower and pulls the curtain across. He reaches out for a bottle marked turpentine, which was actually just water. We had prepared the paper and cotton candy head by making lots of very fine cuts with a scalpel so that when Hoskins started pouring the bottle's contents on his head, the cotton candy and tissue would immediately dissolve. It all happened very quickly. And then when he pulls the shower curtain open, he has pink stuff all over him. Finally, we have a shot of the pink cotton candy going down the drain.