Wes Anderson's James Bond Movie Idea Is Very Wes Anderson-Y

Wes Anderson, James Bond director? Yeah, that's never going to happen — but the filmmaker is still more than happy to share some thoughts on what might ensue if it did.

During a lengthy recent interview, Anderson revealed that he actually does have an idea for a 007 called Mission: Deferred, which involves a purposeless Bond, a busy M, and a really fancy coffee machine. Watch Anderson tell Skyfall star Ralph Fiennes all about it after the jump.

Nevertheless, Anderson revealed what a Bond movie directed by him might look like.

I've had this Bond movie — you know, this is probably part of the thing — I had this one I wanted to do called Mission: Deferred. This was a few years ago. James Bond. The Cold War is over, and there's no gig. He goes in to see M, and M is on the phone, and he's walking around M's office and finally says [Anderson, as Bond, gestures for M to call him]. And I kind of thought the gadgetry is, like, he has a great coffee machine, and that maybe he gets into a bar fight or something because he has a license to kill, but... and so I never got the call.

Which sounds pretty damn entertaining, if you ask me, but I suppose I can understand why the studio wouldn't be so enthused about making that their follow-up to Skyfall. Maybe one of those people who make Wes Anderson parody trailers can get on it instead.

You can watch the full interview, which also contains discussions about his style, his inspiration, and his casting choices below: