WTF: Guy Wearing 'Breaking Bad' Shirt Arrested For Cooking Meth

Breaking Bad was such a popular show, odds are some of the millions of viewers didn't get it. Certainly, every week some viewers followed the adventures of Walter White seeing not a scary descent into evil, but a rise to financial independence. Yes, Vince Gilligan's story showcased a middle-class man who used his own knowledge to become a multi-millionaire. However, he got there by killing people and lying to the ones he loved.

So if you thought, "I'm sure some idiot out there will watch this and try the same thing," you are right. An Illinois man was arrested this week for cooking meth and, at the time, he was wearing a "Los Pollos Hermanos" t-shirt. That's the chicken store so central to the plot of Breaking Bad.

Time Magazine reported on the story. Here's the photo of 21-year-oldĀ Daniel Kowalski, who was arrested last year for meth. This was his second arrest.daniel-kowalski

When Kowalski was arrested, besides wearing the shirt, he was wearing an electronic tracking device, a result of his previous arrest in July. This time he was charged with "possession of a controlled substance and having materials for a meth lab. Officers say they found glass beakers, burners, chemicals and '12 jars of psychedelic mushrooms in the residence.'" Plus, it's not like that shirt is sold in every store, he likely had to order it online. He was a fan.

If you've gotten to this point of the story and not connected the dots, "Los Pollos Hermanos" was the cover for Gus Fring, a meth kingpin on Breaking Bad, who recruited and later got into a feud with Bryan Crantson's character Walter White. Without spoiling too much, things didn't turn out too good for Gus or Los Pollos. (Or pretty much anyone, for that matter.) I do hear their chicken was delicious though.

Are you surprised at this WTF situation?